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Hi all, The website seems hijacked and redirecting to another site continually. Does anyone have any ideas. Apologies if this is a bit off topic.

Hi @Cpt_Whittmann ther’s a bit of an issue with the domain redirect, please use

We are aware about the hijack of the domain. It was supposed to be handed over to the Eclipse Foundation when Deeplearning4J became an Eclipse project.
However, due to the refusal of the domain holder to transfer the domain (as they are contractually obligated to do), this has not yet occurred. The domain holder is not currently associated with the Eclipse Deeplearning4j project.

We are working with the Eclipse Foundation on regaining access to the domain, but we can not tell yet how long this is going to take.
All of the DL4J documentation can be accessed at and we are currently working on ensuring that no links point back to from that documentation.

On behalf of the team I’d like to apologize for this situation and emphasize that Eclipse Deeplearning4j development and support will not be impacted by this disruption.
If you have any questions feel free to reach out directly to us at

Many thanks for the update. I have already worked out that the konduit links are still working. The main issue is javadoc which I have had to go to Maven Central and manually download all. The site the javadoc now points to is some ‘hanger on’ called Pathmind.

You can access the main javadoc via too. We’ve added links to the DL4J and ND4J main javadoc here in the forum header and the documentation header.


We’ll work on putting up the full javadoc again, but in the meantime those links should help.

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It appears the pathmind team reversed course. Hopefully this gets resolved in a civil manner. Sorry for the disruption!