Gitter down. why?

How can the gitter be accessed for reference. Was it intentionally pulled down?

@cagneymoreau we migrated from gitter long ago. No support happens there anymore. The dl4j team no longer owns that support channel.

I get it. If there’s any way to download that old channels convos let me know as I enjoyed reading those older threads

Hi @cagneymoreau I found out you were banned from that channel. The pathmind team has been harrassing the project for a while now:

If you have any questions, please let me know.

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@cagneymoreau Update to this thread. We now have the gitter channel back. While we still still not be using it, the arbitrary bans to and from the channel just because you interact with it will stop. It will be used as an archive for its intended purpose.

Great news and thanks for update!