Rl4j moved out of dl4j, what is the status?

I was (more or less happily) using version 1.0.0-M1.1 of dl4j and decided to “upgrade” to latest version: 1.0.0-M2 and soon realized that the entire rl4j, which I am relying on, was moved out of dl4j. So now to my question: Can somebody tell me what the latest status of the rl4j as a separate module is? Ae there several “versions” or a recommended one to use, and if yes under which URL can I find it? Also, if somebody “upgraded” to version 1.0.0-M2 of dl4j and is using rl4j as separate module. I can search and test stuff out myself, but I thought I ask here, hoping that somebody already have gained experience.

@petter the main reason for that in the first place was the code wasn’t really being maintained.
A lot of older modules were pruned that didn’t have maintainers.
We put these kinds of announcements in our release notes as well as announce these kinds of changes in the forums. Please feel free to search the forums as well as release notes when upgrading to the latest version.

See more here: Migrating RL4J to DL4J Contrib Please ping @kgoderis
for the refactoring work that got done.

Regarding the updates, we are prioritizing releasing the core modules first. After that we’ll look in to releasing the new refactored version by @kgoderis under a separate namespace.

@agibsonccc first of all, thx a lot for getting back so quickly, and I understand that you need to stay with a core code base that is maintained. Imho I was thinking that the rl4j-part if so cool that it should stay in, but that is not my call… :slight_smile:

I will certainly get in contact with kgoderis to see what the status of his work is.

Kind regards, Petter