Website ( needs attention

Hello guys: it seems that most links on the site are broken, very difficult to navigate.
Maybe it needs to be redeployed ?



@jfarjona likely missing some redirects. Do you have examples? We’ll get the docs updated ASAP

@jfarjona of note by the way: is actually not the official domain anymore. Please use - for a myriad of reasons we do not own that domain anymore and migrated our docs a long time ago.

@jfarjona JFYI, I went through and did a pass on the links. We use gitbook as our CMS and the links were the wrong kind. Originally they were *.md which doesn’t work with gitbook, only github. Hopefully that helps.

Thanks. I keep running into 404s when I click on links sent to answer questions from konduit conversations.

For example:

From: Cuda error during run the example

Is there a rule to transform the links in 2020 to now?

Thanks for the help.


@jfarjona that was indeed related to the redirects. I pushed a change recently to the repo related to that and it appears gitbook didn’t propagate it (that or maybe I missed this) but let me do a pass or 2 today. That page should be

The github repo is here:

The intended redirect is here:

Let me see what’s going on there…thanks for your patience as we get this resolved.

Thanks to you guys! for the work on the library, the book, and all this information!