Direct Links to Chinese Documentation inaccessible

我们已经发现,打开 的链接被重定向到一个与我们无关的网站。
在Deeplearning4J成为Eclipse项目之初,应将域deeplearning4j.org移交给Eclipse Foundation。
但是,由于域名持有人拒绝转让域名(因为他们有合同义务这样做),因此上述移交尚未发生。域所有者当前与Eclipse Deeplearning4j项目没有关联。
我们将继续与Eclipse Foundation合作,以重新获得对该域的访问权限,但是我们还无法确定这将花费多长时间。
可以通过 访问所有DL4J文档。关于中文文档,请访问
我谨代表团队对此情况表示歉意,同时也想强调,Eclipse Deeplearning4j的开发和支持不会因此受到影响。
如果您有任何疑问,请随时通过 与我们联系。

English Translation:

We have become aware that links that go to are being redirected to a site not associated with us.

The domain was supposed to be handed over to the Eclipse Foundation when Deeplearning4J became an Eclipse project.

However, due to the refusal of the domain holder to transfer the domain (as they are contractually obligated to do), this has not yet occurred. The domain holder is not currently associated with the Eclipse Deeplearning4j project.

We continue working with the Eclipse Foundation on regaining access to the domain, but we can not tell yet how long this is going to take.

All of the DL4J documentation can be accessed at The Chinese documentation in particular is available at

On behalf of the team I’d like to apologize for this situation and emphasize that Eclipse Deeplearning4j development and support will not be impacted by this disruption.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out directly to us at

it be redirected to tensorflow, when i first see this, i thought maybe dl4j had been bought by tensorflow.

Hi @Maple the eclipse foundation is looking in to this. For now, please use the docs. that Paul specified.