Dl4j 1.0.0-M1.1 released

Hello all,

The maintenance release for eclipse deeplearning4j 1.0.0-M1.1 is out.
This addresses a number of issues found by the community in the last month.
Please see release notes here:

The biggest issue being addressed was the legacy helpers that were supporting the integration of
onednn, cudnn.

We encourage the community to just completely migrate to the new method. That method is documented for cudnn here:

We also introduced a compat linux build that builds on centos 6, providing a migration path for people stuck with older glibcs.

The docs and examples have also been updated to reflect the new changes.

The next release will be a mix of bug fixes and improvements to the model import modules.

Note that soon, we will be fully migrating our namespace to org.eclipse.deeplearning4j.
The namespace change is to reflect the integration of dl4j in to the eclipse foundation.
This means that users will need to change their imports appropriately. More will be announced on that soon.