Contribute or Study my git repo

So there’s lots of people reading this forum but very few posting. If your studying machine learning and want a good resource check out this repo. Its a bunch of projects I bunched together.

There’s also some stuff I’m working on or haven’t finished if you want to help.

If you have a project that you completed or need help completing then feel free to hit me up as I’m still learning and very interested in what people are working on.

As of now Im still copying and pasting all my projects into it some some stuff is missing.

Hey @cagneymoreau this is a great initiative! It would be great if you could flesh out a bit on pretrained models and model import maybe. A lot of the user base focuses on running models via import and finetuning them.

The main direction of the project will be interop going forward.
We’ll discuss that in the next release. As it stands right now, my first initiative is to squash model import bugs, improve the packaging, then get onnx import working.

Ok, my interest is with RL and NLP. Ultimately I want something comparable to open ai baseline ppo and bert within dl4j. If I get as far as successfully transferring them I will tag you in a post.

@cagneymoreau bert retraining is a pretty common use case. @weinino might be worth talking to on this front. We did some work with his team recently on this.