Does DL4J have a learning roadmap?

I want to know how to learn DL4J from shallow to deep.

The existing learning roadmap does not clearly see what needs to be learned at each step, but only describes the prerequisites for learning.

So I would like to see an official roadmap, such as a quick start routine for image recognition direction, a quick start routine for voice recognition direction, etc.

@TRSK-CONMI there’s no really 1 roadmap for learning anything in ML. I would say just adapt examples relevant for your application. We wrote a book a few years back that could be relevant if you want. Some of the examples are out of date now though. If you want, direct message me and I can see if the book is translated to your native language.

Thank you for your answer, agibsonccc.

The examples are pretty much the same, so I can compare the code to get more insight.This can help me deepen my understanding of DL4J.
If so, could you please give me the Amazon link for that book?
It would be great if there was a Chinese version.
If not, I can also cooperate with the translation software for learning.

Also can join the official qq group for help 289058486