Question about DL4J

Hi, guys,
I am currently writing my bachelor thesis on “Machine Learning in Java” and compare frameworks and libraries. Currently I am collecting information about the different machine learning algorithms supported by the framework. I write them down in Excel, and use this data to evaluate the individual frameworks. Now to my problem:

I can’t find a list of supported ML algorithms in DL4J. Is there a quick overview that I can use for this? I have already googled desperately, no success so far. Could someone please help me, that would be great.

Greetings the Newbie

Deeplearning4J primarily implements neural networks - when you stack them, that is commonly known as “deep learning”.

There are a few clustering algorithms implemented (see and dimensionality reduction algorithms like TSNE (, but overall the focus is on neural networks.

Thanks for the quick answer. It helps me a lot in the further procedure.