Support for Apple Silicon M1

The new Apple Silicon Macs report the following os properties:
os.arch: aarch64 Mac mac os x
os.version: 11.0.1

this yields a javacpp.platform of “macosx-arm64” which causes maven + nd4j-native-platform to try to pull artifacts that don’t exist.

I can override this on the command-line using -Djavacpp.platform=macosx-x86_64 (and then run the app using Rosetta)…

But VSCode still reports the following errors because I’m unable to override javacpp.platform directly in my pom:
Missing artifact org.bytedeco:javacpp:jar:macosx-arm64:1.5.3
Missing artifact org.bytedeco:openblas:jar:macosx-arm64:0.3.9-1-1.5.3
Missing artifact org.nd4j:nd4j-native:jar:macosx-arm64:1.0.0-beta7

It would be great to get prebuilt jars for macosx-arm64 or at least to add a default profile activation which sets the os.arch to x86_64 when running on Apple Silicon so that we don’t get the errors in our IDEs.