Apple Silicon support available with protoc 3.20.0

I am trying to get DL4J compiled on an M1 and found that protoc-3.20.0-osx-aarch_64.exe is now provided. Setting google.protobuf.version to 3.20.0 in the top level pom.xml results in “cannot find symbol isStringEmpty(java.lang.Object)” errors during nd4j-api compilation.

Some code change seems to be required as well, but I this is the first time I try to build DL4J and I am lost.

Are there any plans to natively support Apple Silicon now that Google provides protoc-java for that platform (would be so much appreciated!) ?

@HolgerMassmann please follow the issue here: Feature Request: Add Support for Apple Silicon M1 · Issue #9258 · eclipse/deeplearning4j · GitHub