Snapshot repo is not up-to-date

On the repository site
the newest snapshot is from Feb 13 2021. There has been a crucial bugfix merged in the past couple of days that we would really like to deploy ASAP.
Do you know what’s the reason for the repo not being updated?

We are currently reworking our CI infrastructure, so it is likely to take some more time until snapshots are available again.

If you require things with a certain SLA, ping @agibsonccc about a commercial support agreement.

@pza94 hey sorry I’m about done with the new github actions build. I’ll try to publish to sonatype in the next few days, but no promises on what’s there. (So far it will be the basics first)

As @treo said if you need something for your specific use case, go ahead and DM me.

@pza94 Snapshots now ran every 12 hours