Clinical Time Series LSTM


from where I can download the full code in java for:

Clinical Time Series LSTM


@HJT you’re following the book right? A lot of the examples you’re using are again old code and going to be deprecated. I know you keep looking for a simple time series problem, but I would seriously advise for you to pick a simple problem and commit to it. Could you please reply to my last post?

Here is a scala version of it: Clinical Time Series LSTM - Deeplearning4j

Again, I’m happy to help you as the author of the book but would seriously advise focusing on our GitHub - eclipse/deeplearning4j-examples: Deeplearning4j Examples (DL4J, DL4J Spark, DataVec) - if you can’t find something, ask more direct questions. You’ve kept your questions fairly vague. It would be nice to be more specific in what kind of problem you’re trying to solve.

Note that this page will be going away soon since many of these tutorials have been out of date for a few years now.

First of all, many thanks for your helpful reply.
actually am using this example GitHub - eclipse/deeplearning4j-examples: Deeplearning4j Examples (DL4J, DL4J Spark, DataVec).

my goal is to make a small test on LSTM using sequential data set, I want to use and set example from deeplearning4j-examples that fit my requirements, but still I can not decide if the data set used in deeplearning4j-examples is a sequential data set or no, for example:

  2. that use the following dateset UCI Machine Learning Repository: Synthetic Control Chart Time Series Data Set
    in package org.deeplearning4j.examples.quickstart.modeling.recurrent

if you can tell me wither one of those are sequential data set, if No can use suggest any java file inside the deeplearning4 that already use this kind of data set, I would be more than appreciated.