Deeplearning4J Animal Classifier

Am using DL4J, the dataset using there is an animal classifier with 4 CSV files.

My question: can we consider this dataset as sequential dataset? If yes, why? If no, can you please suggest me a simple sequential dataset so I can use with DL4J.

Thank you so much.

@HJT no that is an object recognition problem. Also note that you’re probably referencing the book. Some of the examples in there are a few years out of date. For maintained, most recent examples please see GitHub - eclipse/deeplearning4j-examples: Deeplearning4j Examples (DL4J, DL4J Spark, DataVec)

Thank you so much,
I already have my code, and I would like to inject a sequential dateset. any idea where should I dig?

@HJT for video? Time series? There’s different kinds of sequence problems

I need something light and small, i prefer numbers.
Also if there is a dataset already used in deeplearning4j package.

Thank you

another question if you do not mind, I found in the following package:
file :
that use data set called: raw_sentences.txt

is this data set considered to be sequential data set

really appropriate your time and help :cherry_blossom:

@HJT again I suggest you pick a domain. NLP, Computer Vision and Time Series Sequential are very different things. The smallest to do would be time series rather than NLP if you want that.

Yees I want, can you guide me.