Where are the RL4J examples?


does anyone know where the examples for RL4J are? And is there any documentation for RL4J?

As pointed out in this Post the code has moved temporarily. There are some examples in the Repo

Is it currently possible to run the examples without building the dependencies from the refactor-branch? I have tried to compile NStepRnnExample using rl4j-cor-1.0.0-M1.1.jar, but I am missing some classes like SteppingAgent and LearningAgent.

To answer my own question: An older version of the example class compiles fine with 1.0.0-M1.1:

It’s also nice to compare the two versions of the example to see the refactoring results.

@hhauschild we’ve retired rl4j. You’re welcome to use it in its oldest version but we won’t have anymore updates for it.