Teachable Model in keras not Importing

hey i m stuck from past 1 week i m not able to import any pretrained model either its a json or any other into DeepLearning4j …i have trained a model gestureRecognization on teachable i dont have GPU.
heres my code:
List<DataSet> dataSet = new DataSet( input, output ).asList(); DataSetIterator test=new ListDataSetIterator(dataSet); KerasLayer.registerCustomLayer("Sequential", CustomKerasLayers.class); String simpleMlp = new String("C:\\Users\\Nikki singh\\Downloads\\HandGestureModel\\keras_model.h5"); MultiLayerNetwork model = KerasModelImport.importKerasSequentialModelAndWeights(simpleMlp); System.out.println(model.toString());

and this is the error i m getting:
Unsupported keras layer type Sequential. please see .............deeplearning4j/issue
what should i do …
In Another Example i m importing Configuration.json And there I m Getting This:
could not find class_name property something like that …i was importing Xception model’s configuration.json file …i dont have any hint what to do Guide me Please…

@nikkisingh111333 you’re using a nested model. We only support ops right now. I’m happy to take a look at your model if you post it.

yes off-course,heres my model file take a look:
please take a look …its like inception …computation graph