Read CSV file to using in RNN

I am going to start training my dataset with RNN. Of course, I need to input data in 3-D dimension.
So, I need to read my data from csv file right for this.
I tried to do it like in some guides I found and did next:

 SequenceRecordReader reader = new CSVSequenceRecordReader();
        reader.initialize(new FileSplit(new File("test.csv")));
        DataSetIterator trainIter = new SequenceRecordReaderDataSetIterator(reader, miniBatchSize, 6, 7, false);

When I check it in outputs the format :

So, as I see it is readed well how I suppose.
Dataset has 7 features and 1 label.

When I starting train my RNN see like:

MultiLayerConfiguration conf = new NeuralNetConfiguration.Builder()
            .seed(123)    //Random number generator seed for improved repeatability. Optional.
            .updater(new Nadam())
            .gradientNormalization(GradientNormalization.ClipElementWiseAbsoluteValue)  //Not always required, but helps with this data set
            .layer(new LSTM.Builder().activation(Activation.TANH).nIn(numInputs).nOut(10).build())
            .layer(new RnnOutputLayer.Builder(LossFunctions.LossFunction.MCXENT)

Nothing happens after.
What could be the reason of it ?