OpenJDK Project Panama vs JavaCPP

Hi buddy (@saudet),

did you get a chance and look at project Panama which is new initiative to call JVM with native libraries. I am interested in knowing kind of pros and cons.

Thanks for feedback.

Ladislav Zitka

Panama doesn’t do C++ at all

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For some more context on how JavaCPP compares to other solutions, you can also take a look at Bytedeco - FAQ.


Thx for reply, I was just looking into this interesting video about some news in Java space and they mentioned Panama provide access without JNI to native libraries. thx for clarification.

The video source:

@archenroot Sam doesn’t frequent this forum as much but I can tell you it doesn’t do nearly as much as javacpp does. It doesn’t really work with c++ code. I’ve largely written it off for anythin guseful in the near term.