Opening the source code in IntelliJ

I’m trying to add some new functions to DL4J for research purpose, but when I opened the source code project in IntelliJ and tried to build it, it throws many errors even if I had ignored the modules under nd4j-shade. The errors are like “Unresolved reference: onnx”, “Unresolved reference: framework” and etc. Could someone please provide instructions for developing DL4J in IntelliJ?
I sincerely appreciate for your help.

@fubuki please see the new guide on this: Import in to your favorite IDE - Deeplearning4j - please also let me know if you have any feedback or we are missing something. Thanks!

I will try the new guide and give you feedback. Thank you a lot for your help!

Hi, I have tried to follow the new guide to build the source code in IntelliJ, but it still throws the error when I tried to “Generate Sources and Update Folders for All Projects” in maven. The error said “Cannot connect to the Maven process. Try again later. If the problem persists, check the Maven Importing JDK settings and restart IntelliJ IDEA”. When I built the whole project, it said “Cannot resolve symbol ‘Nd4jCpu’”.

@fubuki that is definitely not normal and not something you see very often. This is highly specific to your environment. You should just need to create a new project from existing sources following something like this guide: Maven | IntelliJ IDEA

Then from there you just wait. It can take a while to download all of the dependencies (which is what it is usually doing in the background) Then it sets up a source code index.

That might take a while depending on the configured dependencies. When it does that download, it downloads separate jars from maven central with the source code in there, reads those jars, and then puts that in intellij’s search index.