Compile/Test Deeplearning4j in Intellij

I’m trying to add a new feature to DL4J so have forked my own version (off of Master) and loaded it into IntelliJ. Unfortunately, when trying to compile or run any tests, it throws an error saying it cannot find package org.nd4j.shade.guava.....

I found this GitHub issue which ran into the same problem, but the solution pom.xml linked is no longer valid.

Can someone please provide an updated pom.xml, or set of instructions for developing DL4J in IntelliJ?


@basedrhys you have to ignore the modules under nd4j-shade. It doesn’t really have anything to do with the pom declaration. The shade module just doesn’t work properly in intellij because there’s no code there. It gets dynamically generated. Ignoring it will enable you to do what you need to do.

Note the new docs for a lot of this as well:

If you’re just trying to modify a subset of dl4j, you should be fine with snapshots.