Neo4J graph database

Any efforts to visualize neural networks using this ?

@ESS not visualize but integration shouldn’t be too hard. Could you clarify what you’re looking for?

Integration too but preferably visualizing neuron graphs, prefered learned paths, change while learning etc
Or designing neural networks visually (with mouse :wink: and having ND4J, DL4J code generated.
This is also for fun / research now.

@ESS dl4j’s really meant for people to write code. You might want to look in to neuroph or something similar. Unfortunately what you’re describing sounds more like either a product maintained by a research lab or someone dedicated to building neural network UIs.

DL4J is mainly focused on commercial use cases and python interop via model import.

Thanks for your opinion but I think you are missing the point

My two cents on this:
Neo4J isn’t nowhere near related to what you are talking about.

It is a graph database. Just because a neural network can be expressed as a graph doesn’t mean a graph database is useful for storing it, or that its UI tools would be anywhere near useful for interacting with them.

The tools that @agibsonccc is suggesting you are a lot more useful for that.

But no one is going to stop you if you want to build something to prove us wrong. I love being proven wrong.

@ESS no I’m not. You’re trying to make neo4j do something it’s not built for. I’d be interested in if it was integrating with neo4j and working with graph neural networks sure.

No one in the field(and I mean no one) looks at individual neurons. They might look at them at scale but with models being potentially billions of parameters now the techniques are focused on pruning, statistics of activations among other things.

No one will want this or need this. If you want something that allows you to connect layers up together graphically that can generate java code for you it exists.

Knime is another such toolkit that I can think of.

Sorry but I have zero interest in spending time on this. No one who pays my bills in the last 10 years has ever asked for this.