nd4j-M2 causes frequent execution freezes

Using nd4j M2 causes the KerasModelImport methods to freeze when loading an hdf5 model.
There is no exception thrown or logs printed at that point. Sometimes though it works on smaller models, so maybe it’s an allocation issue of some sorts.
I’ve tested this on several machines with different architectures, all produce the same result
(Apple M1 chip, Intel, etc…)

Downgrading nd4j worked for me, but I wanted to report this just in case

I’ve created a sample to reproduce the issue (on gradle, as I am using intellij):

there are two main methods to execute, two of them differ by the version of nd4j
One with nd4j M1.1 and the second is nd4j M2
One works, one freezes

Thanks, Max

@MPopovych This has already been fixed with snapshots. M2.1 will be out soon. Please try it then.