Missing Learning Rate Scheduler

Hi, I am trying to implement a learning rate scheduler/policy in my Image Classifier.
As I have checked the suggested LeNetExample, the latest version here does not implement the policy anymore and I saw the implementation at a older branch here.

I have checked the API doc and I cannot find the methods learningRateDecayPolicy(), lrPolicyDecayRate(), .lrPolicyPower() at ComputationGraphConfiguration and MultiLayerConfiguration class.
Is the feature deprecated?

We’ve changed how Learning Rate and Learning Rate Schedules are handled.

Here you can see an example of how it is done now: https://github.com/eclipse/deeplearning4j-examples/blob/master/dl4j-examples/src/main/java/org/deeplearning4j/examples/convolution/mnist/MnistClassifier.java#L117-L127

Essentially, what we did is that instead of setting it up on the whole configuration, you set it up on the updater instead now. This fixes some cases where you could set up a schedule but it wouldn’t be used.

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Thanks for pointing me to the example, got it working now.