How can I get LearningRateSchedule from MultiLayerNetwork?

I have built a MultiLayerNetwork with a custom LearningRateSchedule and saved it to a file.
When I load the MultiLayerNetwork from the file, how can I get the custom LearningRateSchedule?

@baedaron what’s the use case? Are you trying to change it? Your updater is what contains the learning rate schedule and each one has a field of ISchedule you can use. Unfortunately you’d have to get that via reflection or look at the json configuration if you wanted to see it.

Thanks for your reply, @agibsonccc.

But I cannot view the ISchedule field by following code.

	MultiLayerNetwork net = loadNet("C:\\Users\\Administrator\\Downloads\\");
	Updater updater = net.getUpdater();
	Field[] fields = updater.getClass().getDeclaredFields();
	for(Field field : fields) {

Would you explain more to me with Java Language? :wink: