JAR files to include for word embeddings

Hi all!

I’m looking to use DL4J’s word embeddings features in an existing Java project as shown in the example here.

Could somebody please confirm the JAR files I need to add to my project to get this working?

From what I could tell, I need to be adding deeplearning4j-core, deeplearning4j-nlp and probably the relevant nd4j and datavec ones. The example project contains a lot of JARs and I’m only looking to add the ones relevant to this implementation.

Thank you!

Hi @sameerdharur we won’t support people adding 1 off jars to their projects.
Please stick to the industry standard of using dependency management.

We use maven just like every other java project.

You are welcome to use a build tool of your choice such as gradle, ivy, or any other tool that supports maven repositories.

Oh yeah, sure, my project uses Maven too.

I guess what I was looking for here is the exact list of artifacts to be added to pom.xml and the relevant JARs to be used (if necessary) in order to support this word embeddings operation.


The artifacts you’ve mentioned should be enough.

If you are missing some specific classes:

  • You can usually find what artifact you need by going to the repository on Github, pressing the t button on your keyboard to trigger the github file search
  • Enter the class name there.
  • When you have found the appropriate file, click on the parent directory of the src directory to find the pom.xml file for that submodule
  • Open the pom.xml file to find the necessary information about the groupId and artifactId of that module