How to use DynamicCustomOps objects for their name-sake operations

Looking through the docs,I see a lot of names I recognize from NumPy as extensions/implementations of CustomOp or DynamicCustomOp

These objects don’t have any methods that seem meant for the operations implied by the class names. In fact, I looked at “Direct Known Subclasses” of DynamicCustomOp and I see a lot of functionality that I would love to use, but don’t know how to implement.

For example BinCount(): BinCount (deeplearning4j 1.0.0-beta7 API)

What is the methodology for putting these objects to use?

@wcneill you will generally want to access those through samediff if possible, but if there is a c++ op that doesn’t have java bindings, you can access it via DynamicCustomOp.

Nd4j’s ops can be found here: