How to read out ParameterSpace definition?

Hi, I am working on the persistence of Arbiter parameter spaces. I have to save the parameter spaces in a relational database, so I would like to avoid storing the JSON serialization. I would prefer to read out the definition of parameter spaces, but this is not straightforward.
With DiscreteParameterSpace and FixedValue, I can get all values with multiple invocations of the getValue() function. However, in ContinuousParameterSpace, there are practically infinite values, of which I only want the minimum and the maximum. Reading out min and max of ContinuousParameterSpace is not possible directly with a getter method. Is there a way to get this information? Is my approach feasible somehow?

Is there a specific reason why you would like to avoid to the serialization?

I’m asking, because putting those parameter spaces into a relational database is going to be challenging on its own even if you could get everything out of them easily.

This is because beyond the discrete parameter space and the fixed value ones, the structure of the parameter spaces is becoming more and more difficult to represent a relational database.

For example the continuous parameter space can also take a distribution, and the distribution doesn’t necessarily have to be uniform so you can’t just get the min and max you also have to consider the type of distribution and the parameters it takes.

Anyway, if you really want to take this on you will have to use Java reflection to access the private variables.

The reason is that I would like to use the parameter spaces in an application that is based on a relational database, and our relational database is not good at handling JSON objects.
Thanks for the tip, I will use reflection to access private fields then.