Compiling on Raspberry PI 3

As per here when I get to the 3rd step build libnd4j: please how do I fix this error “cmake
Could not find OpenBLAS”

Is there a reason why you are trying to build it yourself?

We do publish a linux-armhf build of the nd4j-native backend, and either that or at least a snapshot version of it should work for you.

The document you’ve linked is somewhat outdated, and should probably be removed.

Hi Treo, I honestly thought this was the way to go about compiling ND4J on the raspberry pi(from doing a google search). I have a trained model from my PC that I want to deploy to the pi. could you please provide a link as per how to get started. thanks

Please how do I build ND4J on the raspberry pi automatically, say with maven or something. I have tried both and from the eclipse and @dschowta’s repo. Or are there jar files available for me to add as library in a project

Oh, sorry your last post somehow slipped by.

You should be able to use the nd4j-native backend with the linux-armhf classifier directly. But because the rpi is a bit of moving target, you might still run into issues. But we’ll have to figure them out as you run into them.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any of the more modern RPI’s on hand, so we will have to work it out together.