Sentence generator

How generate new sentences based on a set of existing sentences using deeplearning4j?
Where can i see some examples?

@bstrdn don’t expect GPT: deeplearning4j-examples/ at 96e51a98dcfb831bdc89e2a44a229554164f19c0 · deeplearning4j/deeplearning4j-examples · GitHub

We’re working on some transformers improvements + examples.

We have to setup the tokenizers and the like and do some more testing but we also have model import + examples in the works for gpt various architectures: omnihub-zoo/samediff at main · KonduitAI/omnihub-zoo · GitHub


@bstrdn i will try to create a text generator in the next weeks, i have first success with a transformer model. i think if i extend the architecutre with a reccurent attention layer and a new iterator it could also learn like gpt. but like @agibsonccc said don’t expect gpt quality. i have now a 12 % language understanding after 2 days of gpu on my 3 layer transformer with 256 embedding. so it needs a lot of data and training to get good results.

if you would like to work together for an text generator feel free to contact.

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Hi Thomas!

Thank you for the answer! I’m a beginner in this topic, so I can’t help yet. Actually, I was just wondering if there is any simple functionality where I can quickly generate a model by inputting text.

@thomas great to hear! We’ll have an improved transformer for the next release.
I’m in the process of rewriting those with more knobs. I also want to add better kernels for gpus. NVIDIA recently open sourced some very nice transformer kernels I’ll probably integrate.

I also plan on spending some time on some transformers demos. I’d love to learn more about your results and what you found hard. Thanks!

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@TomHillman1 we’ll be importing gpt and other kinds of transformer models. After we have those weights it’ll be much easier to build demos for that. First I want to do a pass on making the transformers (attention) code more performant.