NPE when load TF to SameDiff

SameDiff sd = SameDiff.importFrozenTF(new File(NerUtil.DATA_HOME + “/bert/bert_pretrain_model_zh.pb”));

this works in beta7, but below code not works in SNAPSHOT:
TensorflowFrameworkImporter tensorflowFrameworkImporter = new TensorflowFrameworkImporter();
SameDiff sd = tensorflowFrameworkImporter.runImport(NerUtil.DATA_HOME + “/bert/bert_pretrain_model_zh.pb”, Collections.emptyMap());

at org.nd4j.samediff.frameworkimport.registry.OpMappingRegistry.lookupInputFrameworkOpDef(OpMappingRegistry.kt:99)
at org.nd4j.samediff.frameworkimport.ImportGraph.importGraph(ImportGraph.kt:238)
at org.nd4j.samediff.frameworkimport.tensorflow.importer.TensorflowFrameworkImporter.importFromGraph(TensorflowFrameworkImporter.kt:58)
at org.nd4j.samediff.frameworkimport.tensorflow.importer.TensorflowFrameworkImporter.runImport(TensorflowFrameworkImporter.kt:64)

@SidneyLann can you DM me the model? I’d be happy to look at it, we’re importing BERT models fine. I’d be happy to look at the variant here.

But can’t upload zip file here.

@agibsonccc sent the model to you, please help to check. Thanks.

@SidneyLann please check your DMs, the model download was giving me some difficulties.

@agibsonccc Please download from dl4j - Google Drive

@agibsonccc Can import the model in SNAPSHOT?

@SidneyLann I got your model, sorry will be testing it after my current batch of PRs is merged.

@agibsonccc Could you fix this issue and then I can test other issues? Thanks.

@SidneyLann I haven’t tried yet. I’ve been working on overhauling various aspects of the training and ensuring that’s solid (basically addressing your other concerns first) I wanted to try out various models after getting that done as a litmus test. Luckily I’m on the tail end of that work now and will be able to take a look at this.

@SidneyLann I finally got some time to look in to this. With the latest changes I did here: Fix shape resolution when shapes are < 0 when suggesting input arrays by agibsonccc · Pull Request #9535 · eclipse/deeplearning4j · GitHub it appears to import this fine now. If you want the converted model let me know. Thanks for reporting this!

@agibsonccc Is the PR available in SNAPSHOT now? still can’t import.

tensorflowFrameworkImporter.runImport(NerUtil.DATA_HOME + “/bert/bert_pretrain_model_zh.pb”, Collections.emptyMap(), true or false);

not work

@SidneyLann again if you want the model , happy to send it. Otherwise, snapshots runs every 2 days.

Bert model imported successfully now, but it consume 1.5g heap + 7g offheap memory in snapshot but only consume 1g heap + 4g offheap memory in beta7.