Non-Dense OutputLayer

Hi! I’m playing around with TransferLearning (for education purposes only). I have trained a very simple ComputationGraph that detects horizontal and vertical lines in a NxM matrix. Now I want to create a ComputationGraph that uses the exact output of the first model as input to a new model and output the intersections (if any).

However, as you can’t use OutputLayer as an input, I don’t know how to do that.

I can’t just skip the OutputLayer, as it is implicitly a DenseLayer, so even with added IdentityLayers to intercept the output earlier, I won’t get 1:1 the correct results as inputs for the new model.

I see 2 possibilities here:

  1. Adding an IdentityLayer before the OutputLayer and creating a custom ActivationFunction that assigns only the n-th previous layer’s activation to the current layer’s n-th neuron.

  2. Adding an IdentityLayer before the OutputLayer and somehow setting and freezing 1.0 for every n-th to n-th connection and 0.0 for the rest.

Why can’t there be an OutputLayer that is not dense?

@lilalinux I would recommend transferring the weights of the output layer to a dense layer and removing the output layer. Then add your new layers on top of that with a new activation function.

If you want, maybe also consider adding a samediff vertex which allows you to specify anything you want.

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