ND4J is conflicting with Android dependencies

ND4J’s guava and protobuf are conflicted with other Android dependencies that we are using. If we exclude one the other would stop working. Is there a way to resolve that?

I think this is because javax.annotation in org.nd4j:guava and com.google.thirdparty.publicsuffix in org.nd4j:protobuf is not shaded causing the conflict

@TinTran64 I saw your issue. I’ll get this fixed next week. This should be fairly easy.

@agibsonccc Any update on this? Do I have to build ND4J from source to get this fixed?

Another issue on Android is nd4j makes the app can’t be bundled into an aab due to openblas jar having lib folder and android bundle tool doesn’t like it

A failure occurred while executing com.android.build.gradle.internal.tasks.PackageBundleTask$BundleToolWorkAction
File ‘root/lib/arm64-v8a/include/cblas.h’ uses reserved file or directory name ‘lib’.

@TinTran64 yeah no matter what you would probably need nd4j-minimal as your backend. That’s a new backend that just uses nd4j-native but strips openblas.