nd4j-cuda-11.0-platform-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT Missing files


Trying to use the last cuda snapshot over Windows 10 I see there are 2 files missing

The following artifacts could not be resolved:
Could not find artifact org.nd4j:nd4j-cuda-11.0:jar:windows-x86_64:1.0.0-SNAPSHOT
in snapshots-repo (https://oss.sonatype.org/content/repositories/snapshots)

They are in previous version in sonatype, any possiblity to include them here too?

Also I see javacpp new versions for cuda 11.1 https://github.com/bytedeco/javacpp-presets/tree/master/cuda latests is 11.1-8.0-1.5.5-SNAPSHOT

There are some snapshots for 11.1 too for ND4J and DL4J?

Thank you very much!

@devlop16 I’ll have to look in to cuda 11.0 for windows. For now, you’ll have to build from source. We’ll do a release in a few weeks which will help. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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