Jaccard index for image binary segmentation evaluation in dl4j

Please i want to use jaccard index (Metrics to Evaluate your Semantic Segmentation Model | by Ekin Tiu | Towards Data Science) for image binary segmentation evaluation in dl4j, please how i can use it with the other metrics available in dl4j, accuracy, precision, recall, and f1-score.

@AbdelmajidB Some of the ingredients for this are sitting in our YOLO classes: deeplearning4j/Yolo2OutputLayer.java at fc735d30023981ebbb0fafa55ea9520ec44292e0 · eclipse/deeplearning4j · GitHub

It would need to be manual though. We would need to implement an evaluation class standalone similar to our other evaluation classes otherwise.

@agibsonccc Thank you so much for your relevant reply.