Is it possible to implement CRF layer using Computation Graph?

Recently I need a implementation of BiLSTM-CRF model in one of my school project. I searched online and find out that DL4J implements neither CRF or BiLSTM-CRF. Here I’m wondering that Can I implement the CRF layer in BiLSTM-CRF using Computation Graph and custom layer? Or at least using SameDiff. I’m not sure how to do it, but if it is possible, I’ll dig in to it.
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In theory, yes it should be possible to implement it by extending SameDiffLayer like the SelfAttentionLayer we currently have ( But the recurrent part might be a little tricky.

Thanks, I would try. BTW, would dl4j officially support CRF layer?

At the moment there are no plans to add a CRF Layer officially.

Hi, it’s me again. After reading a lot of documents and codes, I decided to have a try. However when I was following a PyTorch(which according to SameDiff documents, it should be expect to have similarity with sameDiff) version of crf implementation, I found something different.

The line 88 of used an operation like this: torch.ones(emissions.shape[:2], dtype=torch.float), it’s seems like he created a NDArray with a variable shape, where emissions should have a shape of [seq_len, batch_size, nb_labels]. But I can’t find the operation corresponded to that in SameDiff. The getShape() function won’t return the true shape of input data, which I confirmed with layerInput. layerInput.getShape() in defineLayer(...) returns [-1, 14, 99], which is obviously not the true shape, since batch size won’t be -1. So… Any ideas?

Also, at line 151, there is a for loop depends on the seq_length which comes from tags.shape, and for now I have no idea how to do this in SameDiff. I’m trying extend a SameDiffOutputLayer since the document in SameDiffLayer suggested.

I feel a kind of confusion since I can’t find the corresponding operation of many functions from PyTorch. And it looks like SameDiff implements a static thing that you cannot change dynamically while PyTorch can. So… Can you help me out? Maybe a direction on how to do this in a proper / suitable way?