Help on setting multi output system

I come from a java background but totally new to Deep Learning. I have been trying out the examples and learning the concepts, but I’m straggling to map how a multi level output would work.

Following is an example

Given a set of data

  1. DOB
  2. Gender
  3. Country
  4. past purchase history (optional only for repeat customer)
    a. Product Code
    b. Product QTY
    c. Purchase date

Need to create a Deep Learning model that can prepopulate a set of products into the checkout cart automatically and keep it evolving using reinforcement based on adjustment user makes to the checkout cart before purchasing


  1. I cant seem to find any example on how to handle multiple product output (I might be missing something)
  2. As my products (output) number is not fixed, I’m finding it hard to visualize how this could be done

I tried looking around to get some samples but I could not find any sample code.

Can someone help me out to show how this could be setup?