GitHub Spark Examples Are Missing

I’ve been working with Spark and noticed all the spark examples on GitHub have moved, but I cant find where they went… A couple in particular are the SparkLSTMCharacterExample and AnimalModelByHdfsSparkCluster… Does anyone know what happened?

Please see the github search results here:

If an example was removed, it’s likely due to maintenance or the example being out of date/promoting bad practices.

OK…But it seems like a lot of the examples are missing… I tried looking at a remoteUI Example from DL4J Konduit and it didnt work either…

Am I missing something?

Hi, yes this is mainly due to a refactoring. We had a lot of examples that weren’t maintained or up to date with best practices. If you need something, you are welcome to go back to previous commits of the examples. A lot of the basic examples you might be missing are probably just due to age. You are welcome to update the examples and help test them.