DL4J for wear OS

Hi all,

Is there a lite version of DL4J for wearable devices? Something like tensorflow lite that can import pretrained model and only conducts inference?


Depending on the type of wearable device you use, it is already possible to use dl4j as is.

As for wearOS in particular, I haven’t tried it myself yet. In theory the android version of dl4j might be able to just work.

Have you tried to use it with wearOS and ran into problems?

Nope, I’m new to DL4J and still scanning over the related codes to plan a proper structure before start coding.
Is the TransferLearning API that I should look into for model import?
Thanks :slight_smile:

If you are looking for model import, you should probably look into https://github.com/eclipse/deeplearning4j-examples/tree/master/tensorflow-keras-import-examples

fantastic! thanks! This looks like I can literally do federated learning using Tensorflow as the server side and DL4J as the client