Can't visualize training process

Hello! I’m trying to visualize the model training but on http://localhost:9000/train/overview I don’t see any changes, just blank sections for graphs without any useful info; all I was able to see is diagram with layers on /train/model but again without any graphs.
Here’s how I setup listener:

UIServer uiServer = UIServer.getInstance();
StatsStorage statsStorage = new InMemoryStatsStorage();
MultiLayerNetwork model = ..... //create model, LSTM+RNN output layers
model.setListeners(new StatsListener(statsStorage), new ScoreIterationListener(10));
SequenceRecordReaderDataSetIterator trainDatasetIterator = .... // create iterator, regression=true, 5);

And this dependency is in my pom.xml:


What can be the problem that I can’t see any output in graphs?

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