Build error using maven


git clone
cd dl4j-examples/
mvn clean install

Full log

This appears to be your error:

unmappable character for encoding Cp1251

This has nothing to do with dl4j and something specific to your local environment.

Could you tell us more about this issue? From what I’m seeing, there’s nothing on the dl4j side we can really help you with here. That build works out of the box for any normal environment we’ve seen users work with.

Not only me have this error:

One month ago I build project in my enviroment and it was ok.
But now I have this issue.

I also was trying to familiarize myself with dl4j this weekend and faced exactly the same issue. I followed the quickstart guide and installed each newest versions of each piece of software, so I don’t think that my environment is anything special.

@Saku @invincible mind taking a look at:

and trying this branch?
You can clone a specific branch like this:

My branch name in the PR is: ag_encoding_compilation_fixes

Cloning would be:

git clone --single-branch --branch ag_encoding_compilation_fixes

Thank you!

Now it works for me.

That helped me as well - thanks!

Great I merged this to master. Thanks for verifying!