Android normalizer retrieval from saved network vs. new


When running my network in inference mode in my Android app, if I use the normalizer I stored with the network, when executing


where reverted2 is the saved network

if normalizer is the one stored with the saved network, when I print

Log.i(TAG, " - neuralNetworkloadAndRun - reverted2.toStringFull() - "+reverted2.toStringFull());

The output consists of the lat/lon pairs produced by the network.

If, instead, normalizer is

NormalizerStandardize normalizer = new NormalizerStandardize();

the print statement after normalizer.revertLabels reports the normalized label values, i.e. the ones that would be displayed printing the network before applying


This becomes a problem when using samediff because I have not been able to find a way to attaching a normalizer to a network when saving a samediff network.

Is there a way to do that? Am I doing something wrong?